Frameplay Network Insights

Reach your target audience with intrinsic in-game advertising

Frameplay's audience insights, analyzed by Transunion®, gives an overview of gamer habits and interests across Frameplay's network of games.

GumGum recently partnered with Frameplay to offer our clients intrinsic in-game advertising, continuing our mission to deliver creative advertising campaigns that capture consumer attention without the use of personal data across current and future emerging digital environments at scale. Frameplay’s Network Insights report is based on data provided by TransUnion’s TruAudience® Platform, which analyzes Frameplay’s gamer habits, interests, and purchases at a genre level.

This new report allows Frameplay and GumGum to give our clients broad information on how Frameplay’s network of players compares to the overall US population, while still providing deep insight on players by genre.

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In-Game Advertising
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What's Inside

The Frameplay network is split evenly between game players that identify as Male (50%) or Female (50%).

Each one of the following general interest categories individually represents up to 50% of Frameplay’s audience network: DIY, Music, Outdoors, Reading, Collecting, Sports, Entertainment & Movies, Gardening, Cooking, Travel, and Electronics.

Frameplay’s audience network tends to spend more on Children’s Products, Electronics, Health, Home and Garden, and Personal Care Products than the average US consumer.

A majority (62%) of the Frameplay US network that indicated they own a vehicle own a Sedan, SUV, or Pickup Truck.

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