Understanding the Consumer’s State of Mind in A Recession & How Ad Strategies Should Adapt

In the wake of a looming recession, retail sales are falling and consumer spending is on the decline. In these tough times, marketers have to think smart if they want to generate a maximum return on investment from their ad dollars. How can you ensure that your upcoming campaigns generate the best outcomes for your audiences?

Our new recession report will help you develop successful campaigns that maximize your return on marketing investment during an economic downturn. With an emphasis on consumer mindset, this guide highlights purchase patterns, outlines opportunities for growth and explains why contextual advertising is the best solution to tackle the uncertain future of digital advertising.

Digital Advertising
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What's Inside

More than half of US consumers plan to pull back on their spending for the remainder of 2022.

Omnichannel shopping is becoming the norm with 45 percent of consumers saying social media is influencing their purchases.

A recent study by Dentsu found contextual targeting was 29% more cost efficient than behavioral targeting.

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