Erase the Skip Button

It should come as no surprise to anyone that advertisers want to embrace digital video. Viewership is going through a state of unprecedented change, as more and more consumers reboot their watching habits from linear TV to original digital programming. And as publishers create more video content, there's more opportunity than ever for advertisers to use sight, sound and motion to build and reinforce brand awareness.

Programmatic Advertising
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What's Inside

Pre-roll isn't going anywhere. Users have spoken: Pre-roll is annoying and interruptive. But it does the trick for many advertisers.

Build out pre-roll alternatives. Digital video ads don't have to run as pre-roll. Alternative formats are on the rise.

It's not the ad … It's the execution. Ads are irritants when there is poor execution. Inaccurate targeting, unimaginative creative and constantly repeated messages are a major turn-off.

Six-second ads are a chance to be creative. A smaller canvas shouldn't be a deterrent, especially to your creative department.

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