Contextual Advertising Awareness Still Has a Long Way to Go

New research highlights that a majority of marketers are still unfamiliar with contextual advertising.

With third-party cookies phasing out, new privacy regulations firmly in place, and brand safety concerns on the rise, the ad tech industry is undergoing a colossal transformation; cutting ties with behavioral targeting and pivoting toward more sustainable and promising alternatives such as contextual advertising.

However, GumGum's new study with Brand Innovators shows that while 49% of marketers say they are looking to contextual advertising to replace cookies - only 27% of them say they are very familiar with contextual - highlighting that while contextual seems to be a hot topic right now, marketers are still not as familiar with how contextual will help their marketing efforts in the future.

Contextual Advertising
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What's Inside

The ability to find a brand-suitable environment based on contextual targeting rather than keywords was the most attractive feature of contextual advertising, with 38% ranking it first.

Brand Innovator's research shows that for the majority of the marketers surveyed, contextual advertising's lack of privacy issues is important, an added plus for a tactic with many valuable benefits.

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